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9/24 to 9/26

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What to Expect

The sessions are available for both men and women and there will be men and women practitioners as well. Our teacher, Ata, has developed a specialization in working with women who struggle with a myriad of female issues, including past trauma and fertility, although her practice and those joining her is not limited to this.

For those who don’t know what this work entails, the simple way to describe it is that it looks like deep tissue bodywork. We use knees, elbows, hands, as well as props such as wooden sticks to reach deeply into joints & muscles that hold stuck energy and emotions. It's designed to be a tool for helping to release any obstructions that get in the way of you building your life, which include mental, emotional and psychic blockages.

These sessions take place in a group-style setting and is the preferred method amongst the Maori Healers.

Maori people are often engaged in group gatherings, and that applies to their healing as well. They utilize the group energy to contain many different powerful energies and emotions that come up during sessions. The group setting supports the deep healings that are needed.

Some people are laughing hysterically, others may be grounded and calm, while the people next to them are crying their eyes out; it’s all welcome and included amongst the group.

Unlike American philosophy, where you pay for an hour and you get an hour, Maori Healers are more concerned with getting a job done rather than needing to stick to a strict timeline. Therefore, some sessions can be a bit shorter, while others can be longer, so account for that ahead of time. The work takes the time it takes.

Lastly, it’s a great privilege to have any Maori Healer leave their land in New Zealand, and they incur great cost to do so.

Having said that, your session may be started by someone non-Maori, but highly trained by them. This is typical. However, the Maori (Ata) are paying attention and tracking every bit of your session and will often interrupt and take over from your initial practitioner in order to do something they see is needed in your particular case. All this to say is that you can expect multiple sets of eyes & hands on you depending on what’s going on with you and what’s needed at that moment.

(Dr. Herald Turk, Los Angeles, CA)

Meet The Team

This event is co-hosted by:

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