Jeanie Bell is an occupational therapist and yoga instructor located in Knoxville TN who has devoted her life to the service of children and adults by teaching simple techniques to inspire the body's own innate intelligence for healing. She achieves this result through a hands-on technique called reflex integration which:

  • provides more connection and alignment with the mind and body, resulting in a calmer state of being

  • taps into the parasympathetic system, allowing the body to rest and digest more easily

  • improves motor coordination by teaching the body at its most basic level

Since her return to Tennessee, Jeanie has focused on helping her diverse clients improve the quality of their life through simple accessible movement patterns. Whether through hands-on reflex integration work or teaching yoga with a focus on the details of the postures, she assists her clients to release the stress they are feeling in their bodies. This is especially important with children, as they do not always have the language to support the information that their bodies may be sending them. 

Jeanie's practice extends throughout the Southeast, bringing her gifts to those communities who need her most. Using these techniques allows Jeanie to form deep personal relationships with her clients both young and old, supporting her in communicating how these techniques can best fit into the client’s lifestyle. Her encouraging and energetic nature helps the client feel motivated throughout the process. In her work with clients, Jeanie:

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Jeanie Bell,

OTR/L (TN-3943), YTT 425 hours

PHONE OR TEXT: 901-848-9603

  • Improves the health of others through hands-on techniques and teaching easy independent exercises

  • Uses her gifts and talents as a therapist and teacher to connect with people to motivate, inspire and heal

  • Communicates effectively with her client in partnership to find the best way to integrate the new learning

  • Energetically connects and has fun with her clients of all ages to elicit their best outcomes 

Jeanie graduated with a Masters in 2008 from the University of Central Arkansas, and shortly thereafter began work at a pediatric hospital in Memphis, TN. Feeling a call to go to Haiti, she relocated for 2 years to the suburbs of Port au Prince to work at an outpatient therapy clinic. While in Haiti, Jeanie treated patients with diverse conditions and assisted with administration. Here she helped co-direct Run Haiti, a nonprofit that was created to support health and wellness in Haiti through running and sports. 




Returning to the U.S., she focused her attention on continuing her education through learning Neuro Sensory Motor Reflex Integration with the Masgutova Method. Since 2013 she has worked with this healing modality around the country and with clients of all ages. In 2014 she began yoga teacher training and completed over 400 hours at the Kripalu Center for Health and Wellness in Lenox, Massachusetts. Jeanie is dedicated to continuing to expand her knowledge in order to seek answers to mind-body challenges faced by both children and adults.