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Ruth Shelton, The Empirical Herbalist, heard her calling over 17 years ago while driving past hills of upturned earth. That day she found an herbal school and was enrolled a week later. After graduating with honors, she and her husband welcomed their son and a few years later their daughter Earth side.   Her family were the first people who benefitted from her knowledge and skill with the herbal world. She continued to study and play with plants and spent several years working at a local Herb Farm before she decided to open her own practice. The Empirical Herbalist was born. The word empirical means based on, concerned with, or verifiable by observation or experience rather than theory or pure logic. She has studied the world of healing plants through a variety of traditional schools of thought including but not limited to Russian Healing, Native American Ethnobotany, Ayurvedic and what she calls plain ole herbalism passed down from grandma to grandma.   Ruth sees clients of all ages, her youngest being a few days old and her oldest in their 90’s. She believes that everyone can benefit from using plants in their lives in all aspects of living from cooking, growing or in formulations. The healing effects of the plant world can be subtle or dramatic but they are profound.

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