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Ann Wheeler, LPC-MHSP



Ann Wheeler, LPC-MHSP

Phone (text / call): 865-591-1513


Welcome to the Knoxville Healing Center!  I am honored to have your presence as you explore healing opportunities for yourself and/or a loved one within this group.


I am a licensed professional counselor, a lover of the great outdoors, a genuine tree-hugger type of gal, with over a decade of experience in working with a diversity of clients ranging in age from teenager to 65 and up.  I specialize in the treatment of depression, anxiety and low self-esteem, while also working with clients experiencing grief, trauma and mood regulation disorders; I offer individual and family sessions as needed.  Traits that are important to me as a therapist include courage, compassion and creativity.  


My approach towards healing is grounded in mindfulness and an acceptance of the present circumstances of your life, good and bad, wanted and unwanted.  I offer you a safe and nonjudgmental space where you can explore what is truly valuable to you, what brings meaning to your life, creates feelings of joy, and is essential to becoming the best version of yourself!   You will determine the goals that are important to you, and I will support you in confidently making progress towards that aim.  


Starting with a new therapist can be intimidating.  I am pleased to offer potential new clients a free 15-minute consultation for further discussion of your needs, and an evaluation of the probability of success in our working together.   Feel free to contact me by leaving a voice message or text @ 865-591-1513.  

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