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Beth Simpson

Beth Simpson, MA, GCFP



As a young adult, I experienced the devastating effects of Epstein Barr and encephalitis. My immunity was shot. I could never seem to get my head above water, with one cough, cold or infection after another.  During this time everything took energy.  I felt like I tried so hard to do everything because that’s just what it took to do anything. Not only had I been amazingly ill, but the whole of the brain and all of the abilities for reading, writing, math, calculating, formularizing had to be re-learned.

Different care providers told me that “I would just have to live with the devastation in my system”. So, I understand what chronic illness and pain can cause in the body and the fight to find health.

I began college with a compromised immune system and was determined to be a Speech-language pathologist. Six years and a Master’s degree later, I discovered while working in the Denver Public Schools (K-12) that approximately 80% of my caseload were kids that needed attention and time with their parents. This impressed me so that I took the next 12 years to be a full-time Mom. My son and daughter have since grown into responsible, happy people.  My husband, Dr. Bert Simpson is a psychiatrist.

In 2003 I completed the Feldenkrais Training and moved to Tennessee to start an intentional community. Since 2008, Well-Being sciences  became a passionate pursuit for me, and I became certified in 2011.  

Be Well grew out of this.

Currently my focus is on movement and creating essence dance, that enhances our daily life. 

I help people find pain relief, greater health, vitality, and freedom of movement so they can passionately live their life. Schedule a free consultation with me to find out how you can live pain-free too!


Beth Simpson, MA, GCFP, WBSP

  • Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner

  • Well Being Sciences Practitioner


Where Beth Can Help:

  • Remediate back, neck, & joint pain

  • Injuries, Surgical or repetitive

  • Improve mobility, flexibility & Strength

  • Autoimmune issues

  • Adrenal Fatigue

  • Allergy & Sinus

  • Headaches

  • Physical, mental, emotional rebalancing

  • Electro-magnetic balancing


   How we do that: 

  • Functional Integration (FI): Individualized Feldenkrais sessions

  • Awareness through Movement (ATM): Small Feldenkrais classes

  • Well-being sciences: Individualized energy sessions

  • Essence Dance

  • Color therapy

I offer individual sessions, small classes and meet ups.


What to expect in your first visit:

  1. I listen carefully to you and your body during your in-depth assessment.

  2. Together we determine the root cause of your pain, and the best way to safely alleviate it.

  3. We make a “Health the way You want it” plan.

  4. Start working the plan!

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