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A dedicated occupational therapist with over 13 years experience in the pediatric field including schools, homes, and pediatric clinics. Specializing in the areas of handwriting development, fine motor, body coordination, and sensory processing.



Handwriting is one of the fastest growing areas of referral to occupational therapy. Many students need help with handwriting but do not qualify for services within the schools. Julie is level one certified as a handwriting specialist which the highest level certification for Handwriting Without Tears.  She uses techniques that are fun while addressing the issues causing each individual child problems with handwriting.  Often when a child struggles with their handwriting, it prevents them from being able to learn new academic concepts causing them to fall further behind each day. The Handwriting without Tears method is an easy and fun way to learn using multi-sensory hands on techniques. The kids have so much fun that they forget that they are learning.


Julie A. Seen OTR/L

Handwriting Specialist, Pediatric Occupational Therapy







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