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Bringing the body into better alignment can relieve chronic pain, improve ease of movement and gives a sense of emotional well being.  Our sense of well being is uniquely tied to how well or how poorly we maintain our upright posture in gravity.  Like an old barn or leaning building, when we get outside of our proper alignment we become at war with gravity.


Rolfing Structural Integration is more than a way to work with muscles and deep tissue: it is a way of changing deep-set patterns of postural imbalances by releasing holding patterns in the connective tissue and nervous system.


Rolfing SI focuses on making lasting changes to a person's structure. Rolfing SI is an effective approach to address the after effects of accidents and injuries, chronic neck, back and joint pain, tension and anxiety. Rolfing SI can also be a valuable tool for deepening your practice of Yoga or Martial Arts, as well as improving your athletic performance. 


Rolfing Structural Integration


Beverley S. Light, Certified Rolfer TM




From Beverley Light-

My journey to bring improved health and wellness to others began when I sought a solution to my own health issues. 

I have had a personal relationship with physical pain for the majority of my life. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia early on, and scoliosis in my later years. I habitually avoided the pain, migrated toward disconnecting from my reality, and unconsciously shut myself off from presence. 

I feel that life provides lily pads, from which I must jump to grow and evolve. Rolfing became the launching pad that led me to a healthier state, and it became a career goal to bring the Rolfing benefits to others. I’ve come to understand my body as my “vehicle” for this human experience. 

Through working with a professional Rolfer, I became present for my experience. Possibilities arose, and my life experience was immediately altered. I began to feel a sense of peace and oneness with my body, and interconnectedness with the world around me. The pain diminished, my awareness expanded, and I found a place of comfort in this body that I’d fought for so many years. 

As my physical body came into alignment with the gravitational force of the earth, I noticed that my emotional/spiritual/energetic self followed. I began to feel more balanced on my feet, as well as in my relationships. I gained a fierce determination to learn the practice of Rolfing, and to share it with the world. Soon after completing the Ten Series, I went to Boulder, Colorado for intensive training at the Dr. Ida Rolf Institute of Structural Integration. 

I embrace my empathic qualities today, and respect them for guiding my intuition as I work. Evolving through my own physical discomfort simply prepared me for a lifelong career as a professional Rolfer. My heart is full of gratitude.

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